Search Engine Optimisation

Computacure enlist the services of our sister company 4Site to provide you with effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

They aim to achieve a Top 10 listing within the major search engine, Google.

You provide a key word/phrase you believe represents your business.

If the Key Word results in a Top 10 listing on Google then a charge of £50 is  made for each month the Web Site is in the Top 10.

If the Key Words result in a Top 5 listing on Google then a charge of £75 is  made for each month the Web Site is in the Top 5

There is a small initial set up charge that varys dependant on the site.

What is Internet Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a collection of practices to help improve the volume, or quality, of traffic to a web site, from search engines via ‘natural’ or un-paid listings. The idea behind it is that the closer to the top of the list a site appears in the results, the more visitors it will receive. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image, local and video search engines.

SEO is not always appropriate for every website, and other Internet marketing strategies can yield must better results, depending on your goals. A successful Internet marketing campaign will drive organic traffic to web pages, but it can also be complimented by: the use of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on search engine results pages, building high quality pages to engage and persuade users and addressing technical issues that may keep search engines from indexing the pages. 4Site’s use of Google Analytics with our advanced reporting allows site owners to measure their successes, and measure a site’s Conversion Rate.

SEO may generate a Return On Investment (ROI). However, since your position in the search engine’s results can not be increased through payment, if their algorithms change, there are no guarantees of continued referrals. Due to this lack of certainty, all businesses that rely heavily on search engine traffic may suffer major losses if the search engines stop sending as many visitors.

What can 4Site offer you?

Competitive Keyword research & meta tags

It is vital to research which keywords and phrases people actually use when looking for your products or services. We also check how many other websites contain those keywords so that we can determine which are the most competitive. Our thesaurus and lateral search programs produce all sorts of variations and related words.  As part of this service we will develop appropriate front page/ general meta tags (meta tags contain information for search engines and are hidden behind the site) and advise on site optimisation.  Where a client has several key product or services, additional campaign pages with their own dedicated meta tags are often recommended. These campaign pages would contain keywords specifically focused on a particular product or service. Visitors are then directed to the most relevant part of the site and thus conversion rates are generally higher.  When provided with the website addresses for your key competitors we will compile a list detailing how many incoming links each one has and what those linking sites are. We will analyse the list of sites to see whether there are any suitable shopping sites or directories to which we can submit your website. 4Site would typically research up to eight competitor sites.

Article Marketing

Promoting your web site and helping your organic search rankings.  Article Marketing is a highly effective way of generating traffic for your site. Search engines, use complex algorithms to calculate their rankings. Google in particular will give more importance to a site that has a larger number of inbound links than one without.  Article marketing is effective because you provide free content to publishers.  Bloggers and Webmasters are constantly looking for quality content to help their own search engine ratings.  This means that anyone may freely reproduce your article – as long as they reproduce it in its entirety which includes the ‘back links’ to your own web site.  Some obvious benefits of Article Marketing are as follows:

1. Attract visitors to your web site

Distributing your articles to online publishers, can instantly bring thousands of visitors to your web site. A good quality article published in a blog or ezine lots of subscribers you will give an immediate awareness and surge of traffic to your web site.

2. Establish yourself as an expert – Build trust in your brand

Publishing quality content and providing knowledge enables you to build trust for your brand and establish yourself as an expert. Computacure can help you with ideas for your articles.

3. Build link popularity and increase domain authority

Your articles contain links to your site anchored with your chosen keywords and phrases. Search engines, particularly Google, place importance on the number of links that point to your site from other sites or directories. If many sites link to yours, this will increase your position in the search engines.

4. Increase the speed with which your site gets indexed

It can takes months for a site to get spidered by the search engines. If you produce articles that deep-link to internal pages within your site, you won’t have to wait for web site traffic. Instead you gain immediate traffic plus you build content that will help boost your rankings for the future.

5. Helps to pre-sell products

Visitors often want more information about your product before making a decision. Writing an article about how your product will solve their problem and pointing out all the benefits of the product will allow the visitor to make an informed decision. Your article will help place them in a better position to buy your product.

6. Gain returning visitors to your web site

Your articles will remain in the search engines and on other peoples’ sites for years to come. They will produce a constant stream of traffic so long as you write and submit articles on a consistent basis. Your article may also be a constant source of information for people searching the net about your topic. They may link to it from their site to keep it as a valuable resource for their visitors.

We recommend Article Marketing as an essential part of any organic SEO strategy. In our opinion it is second only to Google AdWords. If you don’t have time to write the articles, we can research, write them and distribute them for you.

4Site are looking forward to hearing from you – please visit their website for more details.